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Control4 Home Automation Features You Might Not Know About Yet

We’ll Show You Our Favorites and How You Can Apply Them

Control4 Home Automation Features You Might Not Know About Yet

Even if you’re not new to Control4, you might not know everything your home automation system can offer you. Often, the most seasoned users of a system can become blind to its most notable features, or they haven’t explored the add-ons that would most enhance their daily lives inside their Birmingham, MI, home.

If you can relate, or maybe if you just want to learn available options for whenever you’re ready to scale your home, keep reading. We can almost guarantee that Control4 has something new for you to try.

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The New Home Screen

By abandoning their outdated circular-style interface in favor of the grid, Control4 revolutionized ease of use by making their modernized OS 3 screen operate more like a mobile device, with large, app-like buttons to slide through options. Now, the home screen lets you swipe through rooms and devices with ease and add favorites as you go along: Just hold a button to add it to your “Favorites” list, and it appears on your home screen. First-time users delight at the endless customizability and control as they navigate AV, lighting, security, shades and any other feature you want to connect.

Custom Wallpapers

Now imagine that your control pad offered a custom wallpaper to reflect your lifestyle. A design buff’s dream, Control4’s custom wallpapers let you show off artwork or  designer-picked photographs, while Screen Savers allow you to add favorite photos of your own, like family or pet snapshots.

MQA Music Streaming and Media Bar

Get lossless audio that captures every note of your music as you’re meant to hear it. Smart Home OS 3 facilitates music listening through services like TIDAL or other MQA-encoded streaming services. Control this high-definition audio through Control4’s new Active Media Bar, which lets users skip songs, pause and play music in various rooms, view album art and more.

The Neeo Remote

Many remote users seek a touchscreen experience that replicates their familiar mobile devices, while others prefer some old-fashioned buttons. Control4’s new remote, the Neeo, has both. Crafted with the Smart Home OS 3 in mind, the Neeo remote adds customization and convenience to any device within the Control4 infrastructure and features an attractive aluminum finish that you can proudly display in your home.


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