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Articles tagged with: Smart Lighting

Make The Most Of Your Backyard With Outdoor Entertainment Technology

Extend Entertainment To the Outdoors: Video And Audio That Rivals What You Experience Inside

Make The Most Of Your Backyard With Outdoor Entertainment Technology

Entertaining in your backyard is one of the great pleasures of homeownership. The ability to expand your living space beyond the walls of your house gives you a feeling of freedom and space. There is no reason why you cannot bring the luxury and convenience of your smart home with you in the warmer months.

You enjoy stunning 4K video in your media room, awe-inspiring whole-home audio, and personalized lighting in your home. Adding these features to your outdoor entertainment brings your family functions and game-day get-togethers to a new level. Whether you are cooking your famous barbecue or relaxing in the jacuzzi, make the most of the moment.

Are you ready to make your Birmingham, MI backyard the favorite room of your house? Read more below to find out the possibilities.

TAGS: Outdoor Audio | Outdoor Entertainment | Smart Home | Smart Lighting

Circadian Lighting Sets the Perfect Mood in Your Home

Learn How Human-Centric Lighting Improves Your Health and Well-Being

Circadian Lighting Sets the Perfect Mood in Your Home

If you’ve ever slept out “in the wild” or gone camping, you probably understand how the sun affects your schedule. While roasting marshmallows around the campfire, time passes by quickly. Before you know it, you’re ready for bed – and yet, it’s much earlier than you typically go to sleep. The same is true as the sun rises in the morning. Even night owls wake up sooner on a camping trip.

That’s because the sun has a direct impact on our sleep-wake cycles. In fact, it’s natural for our bodies to want to be in sync with the sun. Unfortunately, artificial light in your TroyMI, home disturbs your circadian rhythms – even affecting your mood and health. Now, companies like Lutron offer circadian lighting that promotes a healthier sleep-wake cycle, so you’ll start your day refreshed, feel invigorated during the day, and fall asleep peacefully and naturally. Read more in our blog below

TAGS: Lighting Control | Smart Lighting

Elevate Customer Experience with Motorized Shades

Enhance comfort with smart shading solutions

Elevate Customer Experience with Motorized Shades

If you're in Detroit, MI, you know how hard it is to run a restaurant. A good menu can draw customers in, but can it keep them after that? A comfortable environment in your dining room is essential to retention, and patrons will appreciate your establishment if they're not sweating or squinting from glaring sunlight. Motorized shades from Screen Innovations manage comfort and light in your business while reducing energy costs. Want to learn more? Keep reading.

TAGS: Commercial Automation | Smart Lighting

How Circadian Lighting Promotes Wellness

Craft lighting that helps you feel better throughout the day

How Circadian Lighting Promotes Wellness

Many of us are staying home this summer, and that means it’s the perfect time to transform your Oakland County, MI property into the ultimate wellness retreat. You don’t need white sandy beaches and surfside cocktails -- you can start with a circadian lighting system. How will circadian lighting help you feel better throughout the day? And how can you benefit from a smart lighting installation in your home? Find out by reading below.

TAGS: Smart Lighting | Tunable Lighting