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Tech Automation provides technology solutions like custom home theater, outdoor entertainment, smart home automation, audio distribution, security, and more! 

Bring the Ultimate Cinema Experience To Your Luxury Home

Discover How A Custom Home Theater Exceeds Your Expectations.

Bring the Ultimate Cinema Experience To Your Luxury Home

Movies are the most magical art forms; the format transports the viewer across time, dimensions, cultures, and perspectives. In the century since Louis Le Prince and the Lumiere brothers exhibited their first films in makeshift dance halls, we now build specialized temples for the simple act of watching. 

A custom home theater brings the cinema experience directly to you, recreating the sights, sounds, and ambience we associate with a ‘real’ movie outing. The technology behind high-end media rooms and dedicated viewing rooms have come a long way since the concept first emerged in the early 1980s.

Today’s video displays, sound systems, and playback devices not only match professional theaters but often exceed them. Are you intrigued by the possibilities? Then continue reading below to discover two products that deliver superior performance for your Oakland County, MI smart home

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Make Your Home The Best Seat In The House With A Custom Home Theater

Enjoy Movies In The Way They Were Intended, As A Cinematic Experience

Make Your Home The Best Seat In The House With A Custom Home Theater

Movies have been a central art form for over 120 years; their influence and impact on all other media cannot be understated. The medium has the power to make us laugh, cry streaming tears, and cheer with gusto - often all at the same moment.

Filmmakers and cinematographers create movies with the intention that they are to be shown in a theatrical setting. A custom home theater recreates the excitement and unique environment of your local multiplex right in our house. A well-crafted private cinema is precisely constructed to equal and, in many cases, surpass the quality of commercial theaters.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities of a home theater in your Detroit, MI smart home?  Read below to learn more.

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