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Articles in Category: Motorized Shades

Manage daylight, solar heat gain, and more with simple controls thanks to motorized shades. Find out more here.

Elevate Your Living Space with Smart Shades

Motorized Shades from Screen Innovations Enhance Your Home and Lifestyle

Elevate Your Living Space with Smart Shades

Even though it’s not the first thing you think about when considering home décor, a window shade says a lot about your personal style. High-end motorized shades from Screen Innovations add ambience to your space, while certain big-box brands detract from it. Instead of putting an ordinary shade on your windows, add class to your home in Troy, MI, with window treatments that make a positive statement.


Smart shades give you complete light control just by touching an icon on your smart home tablet. In addition, they enhance your indoor comfort, add beauty to your home, and even improve energy savings. Find out how motorized shades from Screen Innovations are beautiful additions to your home and life.

TAGS: Lighting Control | Motorized Blinds | Screen Innovations

Take Control of the Heat and Light with Motorized Shades

Create a Pleasant Indoor Environment with These 5 Shade Varieties from Screen Innovation

Take Control of the Heat and Light with Motorized Shades

Motorized window treatments not only add more privacy, beauty, and convenience to your life, but they give you complete control of the natural light and heat that enters your Birmingham home. Even though the summer months in Michigan are nothing like summers in the south – with heat indexes over 100 degrees – we still get our fair share of hot weather.

By installing motorized shades from Screen Innovations, you take control of your indoor environment with the touch of a button or icon. In this blog, we’ll highlight five ways to use smart shades to improve the look and feel of your rooms.

TAGS: Lighting Control | Motorized Window Treatments | Screen Innovations

Set the Scene at Your Business with Motorized Shades

Discover the Benefits of Installing Smart Shades from Screen Innovations

Set the Scene at Your Business with Motorized Shades

Whether you manage an office, a restaurant, or a large commercial space, you know how important it is to have lighting control. Employees need to work, and customers want to feel comfortable. That can’t happen if the lighting is too bright or dim. You may already have a smart lighting system. It allows you to have seamless, one-touch control of all the lights at your business via a building automation touchpad or wall keypads.

However, light control involves more than bulbs. Motorized shades let you introduce natural light into your business and block it when it gets too bright or hot. Best of all, you can do it all by tapping an icon. Keep reading to learn how shades from Screen Innovations are the perfect addition to your business in Detroit, MI.

TAGS: Building Automation System | Screen Innovations | Smart Shades

Elevate Customer Experience with Motorized Shades

Enhance comfort with smart shading solutions

Elevate Customer Experience with Motorized Shades

If you're in Detroit, MI, you know how hard it is to run a restaurant. A good menu can draw customers in, but can it keep them after that? A comfortable environment in your dining room is essential to retention, and patrons will appreciate your establishment if they're not sweating or squinting from glaring sunlight. Motorized shades from Screen Innovations manage comfort and light in your business while reducing energy costs. Want to learn more? Keep reading.

TAGS: Commercial Automation | Smart Lighting