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The Latest Technology Enables Hands-Free Lighting Control

Integrated Lighting Control and Home Automation Creates Unprecedented Ease of Living

The Latest Technology Enables Hands-Free Lighting Control

Home automation is taking the world by storm for a good reason. Imagine waking up to the sun filtering through already drawn blinds, coffee or tea made, and your favorite newscaster reporting the weather when you walk into the kitchen.

Some of the most remarkable innovations, and the most popular, are occurring in the lighting control space. Automated lighting transforms rooms, outdoor living areas, gardens, and more. It lights a trail when you arrive home and turns out the lights when it’s time for bed.

Let’s look at what a lighting control system can do for you and your Birmingham, MI home.

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How Important is Lighting to a More Pleasant Winter?

Smart Lighting Control Helps You Embrace the Dipping Temperatures

How Important is Lighting to a More Pleasant Winter?

Before you know it, we'll be in the middle of winter with its unpredictable storms, sub-freezing temperatures and darkened days. Right now, you might be preparing by adding some snow chains to your tires, replacing furnace filters, and buying space heaters for the coldest part of the house. If you're not including your lights in your winter-prep routine, then you might not be giving your family the comfort and safety it deserves. A lighting control system is great for your holiday displays, and it can play an even bigger role in your Troy, MI home this winter.

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Did You Know Your Lighting Could Do This?

Discover Unique Ways Lighting Impacts Your Everyday Lifestyle

Did You Know Your Lighting Could Do This?

Lighting plays one of the most basic functions in your home: it keeps it from being left in the dark. For that reason, it's not surprising that many people think of it simplistically. But having the right lighting has a massive effect on your day-to-day life. Which is why we recommend a lighting control system in your Detroit home that helps you optimize it in a variety of ways. From a more beautiful space to better grades for your kids, there are a lot of surprising benefits. You can explore some of the most common ones below.

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Do You Need A Lighting Control System?

See the Possibilities with Smart Lighting and Control

Do You Need A Lighting Control System?

You may have heard of lighting control systems, but you’re not exactly sure what they do for you.

You might want to know if it’s something that requires a huge upfront investment, or something that you can build on over time. 

The good news is that lighting control systems may require some upfront investment in wiring to make the absolute most out of them.  However, you can automate your outdoor lights, one room, several rooms, or the whole house – it’s up to you. 

Why install home lighting control in your Birmingham home?  It will make your life in Michigan a little more convenient, safer, luxurious, and thrifty. Read on to find out how.

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