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From client retention to student learning, audiovisuals can have a positive impact on your space. Find out how our commercial audio video solutions help you optimize their potential.

The Benefits of Integrating New Technology into Your Business

Reimagine Your Business with the Latest Commercial Audio-Video Technologies

The Benefits of Integrating New Technology into Your Business

The number of commercial audio-video technologies seems to grow annually, and those that exist today will undoubtedly be updated tomorrow. As a business owner in Detroit, MI, how do you keep pace with the continually evolving AV solutions? For many, the answer is sticking with what they know. After all, it's worked up until now, and the time it takes to integrate new technology may not be worth the benefits. 

That's where Tech Automation comes in. Our job is technology and ensuring you have the latest innovations that can take your business to the next level, increase profits, and is effortless to control. 

Let’s explore the latest commercial AV trends and which ones may help your business grow.

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How Can Technology Help You Reach Your Congregation?

The Right Audio Visuals Can Help You Get Your Message Across

How Can Technology Help You Reach Your Congregation?

You don't want to be met with silence, snoozing, or spiritless stares from your congregation. But Sunday mornings can be a tough time to get your message across and your audience engaged. Even the most powerful of sermons can benefit from a little help through commercial audio video solutions. Audiovisuals are also a great way to establish your church’s unique identity.

There are over 300,000 churches in the United States, so it's important to find a way to make yours stand out. Whether you're reaching out to a congregation of 50 or 5,000 in your Birmingham, MI church, technology is a great way to share your faith. Below we outline some must-have AV features and the best way to use them within a church setting.

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When is A Huddle Room the Right Choice?

Find Out Why These Small Meeting Spaces Are So Popular

When is A Huddle Room the Right Choice?

With rising real estate costs throughout Detroit, MI, companies are looking for unique ways to optimize their space while reducing overhead costs. One result is shared, open-plan workspaces. It's also one of the reasons remote employees are becoming more common.

In recent years, the huddle room is the latest trend to emerge in shared workspace models. Though some companies will still need conventual boardrooms, huddle rooms offer a new, more versatile alternative. With the right commercial audio video solutions, they will not only reduce company costs but enhance team collaboration.

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How Can You Keep Students Engaged in The Classroom?

Find Out How the Right Audiovisual Tools Can Make All the Difference

How Can You Keep Students Engaged in The Classroom?

Every teacher has struggled to find new ways to connect with their students. Whether it's basic reading in elementary school or abstract topics in graduate school, you’re always striving to make your subject matter more accessible. As technology has advanced in recent years, audiovisuals are having a significant impact in the classroom. There are a variety of commercial audio video solutions that make it easier to create engaging, interactive lesson plans that can enhance learning and retention. Read on to find out why audiovisuals are so essential and how to best incorporate them into the classrooms at your educational facility in the Troy, MI area.

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