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Enjoy a lighting control solution that sets the mood for any occasion with the press of a button on a touchpad, app or elegant keypad.

3 Benefits of Adding LumaStream to Your Automation System

Explore One of the Most Innovative Lighting Systems Available

3 Benefits of Adding LumaStream to Your Automation System

For more than a century, building electrical wiring was built to support a high-voltage infrastructure. Now, we see more lighting systems engineered with both energy efficiency and user experience in mind, giving us the low-voltage, automated lighting systems that now dominate the market.

LumaStream owns the distinction of being the first lighting manufacturer to design a total low-voltage-based lighting and control system. They’ve also perfected LED lighting systems by introducing configurable current, power conversion and engineering to overcome the issues that the market was facing, namely premature failure, inconsistent color and unimpressive energy savings.

We at Tech Automation continually look for ways to refresh our service offerings and keep up with the industry. That’s why we’re proud to start selling and installing LumaStream solutions to our Detroit, MI, clients. Ready to learn more about this system and why you might add it to your home? Read on!

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Can You Bring Biophilia Into Your Business?

Learn How to Capture the Great Outdoors with Lighting Control, Climate Management and More!

Can You Bring Biophilia Into Your Business?

If you’ve been reading any industry press recently, or if you visited CES and CEDIA last year, you know that 2019 was the year of biophilia, and this trend shows no signs of stopping as we venture into the next decade. Bringing nature indoors reached most corners of residential design but most notably in areas like lighting and climate control. But does biophilia play a role in how we build and design Oakland County, MI, offices? We think so!

According to Mikhail Davis, an office designer who worked with Google: “A traditional office environment is a constant temperature, lots of the same colors, same textures, same humidity: If you’re outside, these vary throughout the day, and that’s what’s producing a lot of these benefits.” By contrast, an office that incorporates some elements of “bringing the outside in,” including circadian lighting control, air quality monitors and climate control, might be the employee productivity boost you’re looking for. Keep reading to see how Tech Automation could add nature-inspired perks to your office.

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How to Transform Your Outdoor Spaces with the Right Lighting

Landscape Lighting Enhances Your Curb Appeal and Security

How to Transform Your Outdoor Spaces with the Right Lighting

Professional landscape lighting brings a transformative effect to your outdoor areas. The right lighting fixtures, design, and intensity add more depth and ambiance to your Birmingham, MI, home. That's not to mention the added functionality and safety you get from general lighting after the sun sets.

Home lighting control plays a significant role in bringing your fixtures and design together to highlight your favorite activities or features. Here we showcase three unique types of solutions you need to include in your landscape lighting and find the ideal fixtures and control options for each.

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