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Do You Need A Lighting Control System?

See the Possibilities with Smart Lighting and Control

Do You Need A Lighting Control System?

You may have heard of lighting control systems, but you’re not exactly sure what they do for you.

You might want to know if it’s something that requires a huge upfront investment, or something that you can build on over time. 

The good news is that lighting control systems may require some upfront investment in wiring to make the absolute most out of them.  However, you can automate your outdoor lights, one room, several rooms, or the whole house – it’s up to you. 

Why install home lighting control in your Birmingham home?  It will make your life in Michigan a little more convenient, safer, luxurious, and thrifty. Read on to find out how.

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We partner with Lutron and Control4 for lighting control and home automation, and the beauty of their products is how they can scale from one room to a whole home. 

Here are some of the conveniences of lighting control. Perhaps you always forget to turn off lights after you leave home to rush to work or get kids to school  With a smartphone, you could check the lights and turn them off. Or perhaps leave something on for a pet.  The Lutron Caseta system, for example, is designed to offer that kind of control starting with just one room.


You can go from just convenience to real luxury in your home.  Higher end systems from Lutron and Control4 offer control of hundreds of devices, making them appropriate for the largest homes.  They include features like customizable keypads, wireless control, and many styles and color options to fit your décor. 

Luxury is not just about control, but automating routine things, and maybe non-routine activities too. A bedtime button on a keypad by your bed could set all the lights for nighttime – outside lights on, a dimmed path to the kitchen, and nightlights in the kid’s baths.  A party scene could be set for lighting your indoor and outdoor areas for an evening party.  Luxury can also be issuing one command to Amazon Alexa to immediately dim your family room lights and draw the shades to watch a movie.

Energy Savings

Lighting control can save you in energy costs. If you desire, occupancy sensors (built into light switches or discreetly mounted on a wall) can monitor a room for activity and shut off lights when not in use.  Lutron and Control4 systems can also integrate with climate control systems and motorized shades. That way you can have your lighting coordinated with natural light coming in your home, limiting the heat of summer sun or taking advantage of it on a sunny Michigan winter day, and adjusting the HVAC system accordingly.


One of the great features of a lighting control system is the ability for it to control lights in a way that makes it look like someone is always home, even when you’re not.  For example, a button labeled “vacation” could control a set of lights to be randomly turned on and off throughout the home.  With a home automation system like Control4, security cameras could be integrated to monitor activity inside and out, and turn on any set of lights and alarms, and notify you should there be an unexpected intrusion.

We’ve only scratched the surface here on how a lighting control system can enhance your Birmingham home. Ready to learn more? Reach out online or give us a call at (248) 841-8500.