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Get Optimized Performance With Superior Home Networking

Working With A Certified Integrator Furnishes You With The Ultimate Streaming, Online Gaming, And More

Get Optimized Performance With Superior Home Networking

The benefits of a smart home are numerous. The luxury and convenience afforded by technology improve your appreciation of home and enhance your lifestyle. Whether you rely on intelligent surveillance systems, multi-room AV, or advanced lighting control, it depends on a safe and reliable data backbone.

Living in a modern home, we have come to expect that a home networking system will deliver seamless streaming, instant connectivity and protect our personal information. At Tech Automation, our highly trained and industry-certified staff install superior architecture to exceed your high-bandwidth expectations.

Are you looking to install or upgrade your Detroit, MI home connectivity so that it is reliable, flexible, safe, and fast? Continue reading below to discover how our team and product partners make it possible.

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Connect Seamlessly

Even though a stable data network is crucial to the management and comfort of our homes, we consistently put greater demands on it. In addition to the exponential growth of IoT (Internet of Things) devices -- such as toys, smart controllers, and even appliances -- streaming services consume larger portions of bandwidth.

The demands of constant connectivity and the ability to access HD and 4K content from anywhere in the world and internal operations can easily overwhelm a network. In order to avoid system lags, synchronization issues, and the dreaded buffering video messages, we only install enterprise-class hardware like Araknis Networks routers and switches.

Araknis products, available only through qualified, select integrators, offer management tools, system diagnostics, and remote configuration processes trusted by Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Wireless Without Worry

Wi-Fi furnishes you with the freedom to enjoy the latest movies, games, and news without the hassle of wires, whether you are indoors or out. Wireless communication is so convenient that the name has become synonymous with internet connection for many. Unfortunately, the platform's reliance on over-the-air signals creates a few pitfalls and limitations.

The very nature of RF (radio frequencies) used in Wi-Fi makes them prone to interference. As many wireless devices live on the same channels, the airspace becomes congested and difficult for receivers to clearly ‘hear’ transmissions. In addition, because any Wi-Fi device can receive the signals, the potential of someone obtaining illicit access is exponentially greater than on a wired topology.

Ruckus wireless solutions are renowned for providing industry-leading reliability and security. The routers and transceivers are specifically engineered to work in densely populated environments. The hardware and services have been proven time and again in New York City and other major metropolitan areas. Regardless of your location, from a suburban home to a high-rise condominium, your network delivers without complication.

A More Trusted Network, Today

A robust and secure network is critical to how modern homeowners work, live, and play. Are you ready to have the home network you desire and deserve? Reach out to us for a consultation by calling (248) 841-8500 or filling out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.