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How Can Technology Enhance Your Residential Building?

Attract Luxury Buyers with a Wide Suite of Technology Amenities

How Can Technology Enhance Your Residential Building?

Growing demands for smart technology are transforming the Detroit, MI, housing market. These days, technology amenities are just as crucial as traditional ones in attracting prospective residents. Having building control systems that unify your entire property for additional reliability, comfort, and luxury will make your condos or high rises stand out from the competition.

A professional integrator helps you bring all your technology together to give residents the ability to create personalized smart home environments. This blog highlights some of the ways builders and property managers can take advantage of these features to bring in luxury buyers and retain tenants for a more extended period.

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Integrated Intercom Solutions  

When it comes to building control systems, intercom features are usually the most sought after. Allow all tenants to use the same gate and door stations and provide tools for them to communicate easily with the reception area. Tenants can use dedicated codes to get in and out of the building.

Stations include two-way audio & video communication so employees and residents can interact with potential guests before letting them in. In the long run, these advanced access control solutions enhance your building safety while promoting a luxury lifestyle.

Personalized Smart Residences

Since your building control system includes a foundation for technology throughout your property, it's easy for tenants to pick and choose features they'd most want in their residences. Not only does each apartment include built-in Wi-Fi (at this point considered a requirement for many tenants) but also multi-room audio, surveillance cameras, smart thermostats, lighting control, and motorized shades. Let them choose to access these features via mobile app, dedicated touchpad, or even voice commands. These solutions differentiate your properties, and the last three encourage your tenants to embrace more eco-conscious lifestyles, to save you more money down the line.

Optimize Your Common Areas

Many multi-dwelling units offer common areas to boost their appeal—gyms, pools, home theaters, event spaces. Enhance these areas with a building control system that makes it easy to manage access, lights, audio, and video as needed. All the technology lives within the same roof, so tenants can control it via a dedicated touchpad. Never worry about wasted energy with motion sensors that automatically turn off all lights and A/V gear when no one is there.   

Simplify Management & Maintenance

Building control systems are just as critical in boosting operational efficiency. Managing access, surveillance, and energy is simpler when all your technology lives under one umbrella. Now you can easily view which areas of your building consume the most power or review all your surveillance footage from one location. Automated gates, lighting, and cameras based on motion sensors ensure maximum efficiency without any additional effort on your part.

Needed repairs are also easier to address with an integrated technology solution. All service requests generate alerts when they require immediate attention. Many integrators offer ongoing maintenance and monitoring services as well. Each device on your building network is monitored; if any needs to be upgraded, restarted, or replaced, a tech receives an immediate alert and often resolves it remotely. Due to the quick response, tenants will not even notice any downtime in their services.

Are you ready to make your building stand out with the right technology? Let us craft a custom solution with your unique needs in mind. To get started, call us at (248) 841-8500 or fill out our contact form.