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How to Enhance Your Music Streaming Experience

Enjoy Easier Access and Higher-Quality Audio with This Technology Upgrade

How to Enhance Your Music Streaming Experience

Going from digital to streaming has completely transformed the music industry. Though streaming was once just a convenient option to enjoy on your smartphone or computer, it’s now become the primary way people listen to music. Despite this, many of our clients are still relying on home audio equipment that was designed for analog or digital sources.

Most still rely on their smartphones, tablets or wireless speakers when they want to use their favorite streaming services. Expanding to a multi-room audio video solution lets you take advantage of the convenience of streaming on all of your Detroit home’s speakers. This blog shows you the many ways a professional installation helps you embrace the streaming revolution in your Detroit home.


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Enhance Your Overall Audio Quality

How can you take the convenience of streaming and combine it with your high-performance audio system? There are two main steps to accomplishing this goal: quality sources and wireless components.

When choosing streaming services, we recommend using ones that offer lossless audio like Tidal or Spotify Premium. These files are not compressed like most MP3 and streaming files, so they provide more clarity and depth. Of course, you may not hear the difference if you're using poor speakers. To get the full-power of lossless audio, you need to invest in high-performance speakers.

Even if these speakers don't have wireless capabilities, they can become wi-fi, Bluetooth or Airplay-enabled by combining them with connected receivers, amplifiers, or media servers. Adding your streaming services is as easy as connecting a new CD player or turntable.


Bring All Your Music Under One Roof

Don't want to have to deal with five different apps to find the music you want? Everything is easy to access from one mobile app, a dedicated touchpad or smart remote if you upgrade to multi-room audio video. You can find all your separate streaming services in one place for easy access. In fact, many companies like Control4 have native streaming services already on the platform. You don’t have to add them yourself, just sign in to your account and start listening.


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Play in One Speaker or Pair Them Together

Not only can you upgrade to high-end speakers, but your multi-room audio video system makes it easy for you to choose which ones you want to use for your streaming needs. Do you want to listen to music in the kitchen while you cook or do you want it playing in multiple rooms when you're hosting a party? Rooms can be paired together, or you can send music to one specific speaker through your mobile app.


Make Sure Your Network is Ready

As you stream more high-quality audio files throughout your space, this is going to add a brand new burden to your home network. Eliminate lagging or freezing by enhancing your network broadband and speed. You can listen in as many rooms as you want simultaneously without having to deal with connectivity issues. Get network coverage to problem areas like isolated rooms or outdoor spaces so you can stream music in every corner of your home.  


It’s never been easier to listen to music anywhere in your Detroit home. Get the most out of your favorite streaming systems by upgrading to a multi-room audio video solution. To learn more, you can call (248) 841-8500 or fill out our online contact form.