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How to Enjoy Exceptional Sound in Your Outdoor Spaces

Coastal Source Brings You the Best in Outdoor Audio

How to Enjoy Exceptional Sound in Your Outdoor Spaces

Rejoice in the beautiful summer weather in Oakland County, MI, with a sound system that adds a spark to all your outdoor spaces! If you’re still relying on Bluetooth speakers or a few wall-mounted speakers to listen to music outside, it’s time for an upgrade. Make sure your patio, backyard, and porch are ready when the warm weather arrives.   

Getting high-quality audio throughout your property is simple when you have the right equipment and layout in place. As you read this blog, you’ll find out why we work with Coastal Source for our outdoor home AV installations. Though they initially specialized in landscape lighting, Coastal Source applied that expertise to sturdy, high-quality audio solutions, ideal for any space.

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Equipment Optimized for Outdoor Conditions

Speakers need to handle the harsh conditions that come with outdoor use. That not only means dealing with extreme temperatures, but also the dust, debris, and water they'll encounter daily. How are Coastal Source speakers designed to brave the elements?

All speakers use rust-proof materials and are completely sealed to keep out moisture and debris. In many cases, cable connectors are the most vulnerable components outdoors. That’s why we use Coastal Source’s cabling and connectors. They seal completely to avoid any damage to equipment or subpar signals.

Various Speaker Models for Any Application

There’s a common misconception that speakers have to be large and bulky to survive outdoors. However, as you saw in the previous section, size plays no role in optimizing the speakers for harsh conditions. Outdoor speakers actually come in a variety of shapes and sizes to blend in seamlessly with your space.

Strikingly powerful Bollard varieties from Coastal Source offer a full-range, hi-fidelity sound to fill up large areas. Not interested in having visible speakers in your landscape design? There are more discreet bullet speakers that look like lighting fixtures to line your pathways and backyard. How about speakers resembling rocks to completely blend in with your landscaping?

A Design That Delights You and the Neighbors

A significant challenge in installing outdoor sound systems is making sure you fill your space with sound without it leaking into surrounding properties. Tech Automation can help you accomplish this with the right layout.

First, line your outdoors with multiple speakers to hear everywhere without cranking up the volume. Overall, this also means you and friends enjoy enhanced, multi-dimensional audio quality as well.

Then, you want all your speakers to face your house. Obviously, you need to keep your music from creeping out of your property and into nearby homes. But you also bolster the power of your sound by letting it bounce off your home’s external walls.

Take Your Favorite Music with You 

A robust sound system won't do much good unless you have a seamless way to listen to your favorite music. Easily connect your Coastal Source speakers to your Control4 home AV solution. Vulnerable pieces of source equipment stay indoors as we relay the signal to your outdoor speakers.

All your music is available at the press of a button on a smartphone, touchpad, or waterproof remote. Stream your favorite Spotify playlist, pull up your digital library, or even listen to your turntable outdoors!

Are you thinking of giving your home AV some fresh audio this summer? Our team can design a custom solution that makes it easy to enjoy your favorite content outdoors. For a one-on-one consultation, call us at (248) 841-8500 or fill out our contact form.