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How To Get The Most Out Of Home Entertainment

Where Media Room Design Meets a Multi-Purpose Space

How To Get The Most Out Of Home Entertainment

The heart of your home centers around relationships and entertainment – whether that means spending meaningful moments with loved ones, hosting a party with friends, relaxing while listening to music, playing games, or watching a movie or TV show. Have you made your home an entertainment space that lets you take advantage of all those activities? Well, now you can!

Modern media room design involves much more than placing a few speakers. Instead, it’s a multipurpose space that caters to all your entertainment needs: movies, music, games, and socializing. From big screens and high-end sound systems to smart lighting and gaming areas, your new room can be anything you want it to be.

Keep reading to see how Tech Automation can transform your spare room in Detroit, MI, into a versatile multi-use space.

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The Sights

Lower the motorized shades, dim the lights, and settle back in your luxury theater chairs. It’s movie night! When you have a large 4K TV or projector and screen system, your family and friends will enjoy a visual experience like no other. Today’s displays offer vibrant color, contrast, and clarity like never before. It’s almost like you’re watching everything come alive right in front of you. Both projectors and TVs take advantage of HDR technology and other advanced features to ensure an incredibly realistic display.

When showtime is over, it’s easy to hide the TV in your media room. Some models are designed to disappear completely. They hide behind cabinets, recede into the ceiling or wall, or even transform into mirrors or artwork. So, when not in use, simply press a button, and your TV vanishes from sight. Your entertainment space can go from a home theater to a common area in moments.


The Sounds

What’s a media room without a phenomenal sound system? It’s just an ordinary room. You want much more than that. Premium speakers from Sonance, Monitor Audio, or James Loudspeaker create an amazing soundscape that envelops you – whether you’re watching a movie or listening to your favorite artists. Press an icon on your Control4 smart home tablet or smartphone app to select a playlist or song, and you’ll enjoy pure audio – just like the artists intended.

Most media rooms use floor-standing speakers, which are perfect for music-listening. However, your multipurpose space should have a surround-sound configuration. This not only makes it the perfect place to watch movies, but it offers an incredible auditory experience when listening to music. You’ll be immersed in audio that is all around you!


The Sensations

You can have a brilliant display and an ear-tingling sound system, but if the ambiance is lackluster, your media space will suffer. One of the most effective ways to make your media room look the part – besides themed décor – is to add smart lighting and motorized shades (if there are windows in your room). Wall sconces, LED strip lighting, recessed lights, and fiberoptic ceiling lights transform your room when you touch a scene in your smart home tablet.

Simply select the activity, “Movie Night, “Music Time,” or “Game Night.” Then, your lights, motorized shades, and other technologies adjust to create the look and feel you want. If it’s time for a movie, tap an icon to lower the smart shades, dim the lighting, and start the show. For game night, one tap on your tablet turns up the lights, raises the shades, and starts playing your favorite playlist while you enjoy games with friends. There are so many ways to customize the technologies in your media space.

Would you like to upgrade your media room design to a multipurpose space? Call Tech Automation, chat with us on this page, or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.