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How to Lower Energy Costs With Smart Climate Control

Save money while staying comfortable this season

How to Lower Energy Costs With Smart Climate Control

It’s the hottest time of year outside right now. Cooling your home is getting more expensive. And thanks to social distancing guidelines that many of us are following this year, you might be using your climate control systems more than you anticipated. If you’re not careful, you might waste energy and raise your monthly energy bill. At Tech Automation, we design systems that will help you save energy and lower expenses. We’ll show you why smart climate control simplifies comfort in your Detroit, MI home.

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Smart Automation

Control4, a leading smart home manufacturer, minimizes the energy your thermostat uses to operate. Sensors and energy management systems track temperature events in your property. If it finds an opportunity to save you energy, you can adjust the system with one touch.

Manage light with occupancy sensors. Smart technology makes systems work together and maintain your comfort. When you leave the room, the thermostat adjusts to a pre-chosen degree, so it doesn't waste energy. When you enter, it drops the temperature automatically.

Adjust the thermostat using the Control4 app, or with your automation presets. A smart system combines the control of multiple systems. Command everything from one intuitive interface.

Automated Shades

The thermostat isn’t the only device that manages temperature. One way to save is by adding motorized window treatments. Smart shades integrate with Control4, and manufacturers offer extensive selections of fabrics and rollers to match your interior design.

During the dog days of summer, heat enters your home through windowpanes. The temperature rises, and harmful UV rays damage your furnishings. Window shades manage the temperature, thanks to their design that lets minimal light through. And automated shades can do it, so you don't have to lift a finger.

Sensors detect the room is too hot, and shades spring into action. They reduce the amount of sunlight automatically, smart lights rise, and sunshades minimize TV glare. Plus, they lower solar heat gain. As part of an automation system, thermostats, shades, and lighting can help lower costs no matter how hot it is.

At Tech Automation, we craft technology that improves your lifestyle. Whether you want to stay cool this summer, enjoy the latest movies in stunning resolution, or explore the possibilities of multi-room music streaming, it’s a great time to upgrade your home technology. Find out how we can make a system that fits your lifestyle, needs, and budget.

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