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How to Transform Your Outdoor Spaces with the Right Lighting

Landscape Lighting Enhances Your Curb Appeal and Security

How to Transform Your Outdoor Spaces with the Right Lighting

Professional landscape lighting brings a transformative effect to your outdoor areas. The right lighting fixtures, design, and intensity add more depth and ambiance to your Birmingham, MI, home. That's not to mention the added functionality and safety you get from general lighting after the sun sets.

Home lighting control plays a significant role in bringing your fixtures and design together to highlight your favorite activities or features. Here we showcase three unique types of solutions you need to include in your landscape lighting and find the ideal fixtures and control options for each.

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Pathway Lighting

Exceptional pathway lighting solutions do a lot more than illuminate your walkways. These lights can also be excellent guides for your outdoor spaces, directing the eyes towards your garden or beautiful statues. Even more importantly, they are inviting as they greet guests and lead them to your front door.

On your pathways, your lighting fixtures will be most efficient if they’re visible. Path lights from Coastal Source come with a variety of hat styles and sizes to match any décor. Link pathway lights to motion sensors so they activate when people walk past, or make them a part of dedicated scenes. One benefit of the latter is the ability to alternate lights easily to highlight specific features or prep for certain activities.

Backyard Lighting

Maintaining beautiful lighting throughout your backyard can be difficult. Achieving the right mood without creating dangerous shadows requires a variety of fixtures. Not only do you want proper overall illumination for comfort, but you want to highlight your beautiful landscaping as well! You need a solution that shows off your beautiful foliage from below, within, and above. Typical backyard lighting might include path lights, bullet lights, tree lights, hanging lights, and bullets with risers.

How can you keep track of all these lights as well as the ideal dimming levels for each? Use a lighting control system that lets you save your favorite settings and pull them up at any moment from an app, touchpad, or keypad. Lights also automatically turn on at a given time each day, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting and leaving your house in the dark.

Accent Lighting

Stylistic elements throughout your backyard, patio, or pool may need a little added spark to stand out. Incorporate Coastal Source's micro-size LED Niche fixture for some finishing touches. These are ideal at the base of any outdoor decorations, among thin tree limbs or along narrow walkways. Each Niche fixture comes with different trim styles that will help you adjust the power and direction of the lighting.

Home lighting control solutions are vital for these smaller fixtures which are usually in isolated areas and easy to forget. Integrating them within scenes or on/off functions will make it easier to keep track of them and easily alternate them if you want to highlight different outdoor features. 

Optimize your outdoor spaces with beautiful, easy-to-use landscape lighting. Reach out to find out how the right lighting enhances your family’s safety and comfort while boosting your curb appeal! Call us at (248) 841-8500 or fill out our contact form.