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The Surprising Ways Modern Home Theater Design Is Changing

Systems are more versatile than ever. Your private cinema should reflect it.

The Surprising Ways Modern Home Theater Design Is Changing

There was once a time when building a home theater in your Detroit, MI property meant constructing a miniature replica of the local megaplex. You’d start with a dark room, add a screen and a few acoustical panels, and enjoy movies in comfortable, custom seats. But as streaming services, YouTube, and other online outlets transform the media landscape, you may want a room that reflects the versatility and diversity of content available at your fingertips. Home theater design is changing to keep up with the times. Here’s what you need to know.

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Video Displays

Projectors were once a dominant force in the home theater arena. But with advances like 4K, OLED, HDR, and HFR, flat-panel smart TV displays are becoming more popular. And as they continue to grow (both in physical size and in popularity), many homeowners enjoy their versatility and interconnectivity with other smart devices.

Today’s smart TVs are more than just screens. They’re completely interactive entertainment consoles. With native operating systems that allow you to seamlessly switch between apps and content, you have more options than ever. And size is no longer an issue, as some TVs offer full 4K while reaching dimensions up to 100 inches.

But if you’re dedicated to traditional projectors and screens, you can still get the most out of your system. High-contrast screens simplify viewing in brightly lit situations so you can enjoy your movies, shows, and sports any time of the day or night.

Sound Systems

In the past, the primary reason for investing in a home theater was to control the variables of sound. Surround sound systems made it feel like you were completely immersed in the world of the movie. Today, wireless solutions and soundbars offer incredible sound for just about any space.

High-fidelity audio from a soundbar and connected satellite speakers mean that you can enjoy better audio in a variety of different spaces. If you want to enjoy your content in a more open room, you can. If you’d prefer a more traditional approach, it’s also possible.

Centralized Control

No matter where you want to watch your AV content, you’ll get the most out of it with simple, centralized control by Control4. From the sound system to the display, and even the lighting, shading, and AC -- a single controller can operate all the devices with the touch of a button.

Thanks to Control4’s latest update, you can find the content you want to enjoy quickly and easily. Stream movies from services like Netflix or Hulu, listen to music from Spotify, and more with a few swipes on the user-friendly display.

Plus, you can get even more out of your system with a professional installation. A home theater is about more than just the technology involved. It’s about calibrating your room to deliver impactful audio, incredible video, and versatile control.

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