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What You Need To Know About A Conference Room Technology Upgrade

Check out these tips before deciding how to improve your commercial audio-video system

What You Need To Know About A Conference Room Technology Upgrade

In recent years, companies have had to adapt to rapid changes as more employees are working remotely or on hybrid models, business trips are limited, and plans have had to be changed at the drop of a hat. As a result, now is a good time to evaluate the effectiveness of your conference room technology. Old or unreliable devices can reduce overall efficiency and cause unneeded frustration. Learn three things to consider when upgrading your conference room technology in Detroit, MI.

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Nothing can derail a meeting or presentation faster than technology issues. Your conference room equipment needs to be reliable to avoid downtime and frustration. Every device should turn on and work properly every time you use it. Your speaker system should be compatible with your presentation technology, and everything connected correctly. 

A professional will work with you to draft a plan for equipment placement and how to wire it for AV, lighting, and networking systems that work flawlessly. One of the most important aspects of your conference room is your network. Make sure it can support high-resolution 4K video and audio without lagging or losing the signal.

AV Quality

The quality of your audio and video system also affects your conference room experience, especially as many businesses have moved to hybrid work models. It is important to select the right display, speakers, and microphones that meet the unique needs of your business and perform well in your space. Placement is also essential. Microphones need to be carefully positioned so that everyone can be heard, displays need to be visible from any seat in the room, and speakers should provide an even and crystal-clear sound. Ideally, everyone will be able to hear and see each other no matter where they are sitting in the room.


Having effective conference room technology won’t do you much good if you don’t know how to use them! A good conference room design makes managing your AV, lighting, climate control systems, and more easy. Commercial automation allows you and your employees to control your technology from stylish wall panels, touchpads, remotes, or apps on your smart device of choice. 

Create scenes for different applications, such as training materials, client nurture calls, job interviews, presentations, and more. For example, a “Presentation” scene dims the lights, closes the shades to prevent glare, lowers the projection screen, and starts the presentation with one tap. 

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