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3 Essential Crestron Benefits for Your Conference Room Setup

Want a Programmable, Scalable, User-Friendly Automation Solution for Your Office? Consider Crestron.

3 Essential Crestron Benefits for Your Conference Room Setup

This year, make sure that your conference room setup conveys modernity, convenience and expertise to your key contacts. Take a recent eagle-eye view of a recent client meeting: Would you be impressed with what you saw and want to return to your Detroit, MI, office? Or does it take too much time to start your presentation or power down your lights and AV equipment? Is scheduling a chore?

Chances are, you already know that your meeting spaces could use some fine tuning or new devices. But sometimes it’s hard to both pinpoint issues and find technologies that will solve your pain points. That’s where Tech Automation comes in, and you can start with this blog and by learning more about Crestron.

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Be honest: How much time do you take struggling to get your presentation technology to work? Crestron’s popular lineup of conference room suites, Crestron Flex, offers one-touch control that displays your presentation in mere seconds.

Scheduling probably also consumes too much of your time. Crestron’s AirMedia 2.0 technology connects your choice calendar platform so you can book instantly through applications like Microsoft Teams, and see meeting details on the screen when you walk into the conference or huddle room. If you use digital signage, Appspace natively connects to your AV setup, letting you display stunning visuals, video and more.


We’re sure that you know there are plenty of automation options to choose from when designing a conference room. In fact, we work with both Control4 and Crestron every day. However, no other solution rivals Crestron in its custom programmability. Crestron installers, by default, also must know how to tailor your system and fine-tune it to scale your system. For example, if you expand your distributed audio system to more rooms, we can reprogram your applications so that your speakers, receiver and amplifier respond to certain commands. Your office needs change constantly as you expand and augment your offerings: Shouldn’t your technology needs adapt, too?


User Experience

The highest-quality technology makes little difference if customers can’t enjoy their user experience. How many times have you fumbled with a conference room system that did everything you needed to do, but you needed to enlist IT help to start the process? Once Tech Automation has set up your system, you’re ready to take control of your next meeting. Our Crestron clients especially enjoy their TSW screens that they can use for both scheduling and room control. Unlike conventional control panels, these screens only have one wire and feature Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, so you never have to charge them. Further, you get your choice of wall-mounted or tabletop controls.

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