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3 Ways Lights & Shades Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line

Lighting Has an Immense Impact on Costs and Employee Morale

3 Ways Lights & Shades Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line

What technology is most vital to your company's success? You might say your particularly strong network connection or the trademarked software you use to run your day-to-day operations. Today, some may even consider cybersecurity measures to be the most important since any data leaks or viruses could halt your company’s production.

Often taken for granted but just as important are your building automation systems — the technology that controls lights, shades, temperature, security and more to make your days more manageable. Specifically, lights and shades have a massive impact on your company’s bottom line in a variety of ways. From enhancing your security to boosting employee morale, find out why they're one of the most vital technology solutions in your Troy, MI business. 

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Reduce Your Monthly Energy Bills

Lighting and shading have a solid return on investment. A smart commercial lighting system with occupancy sensors, dimming, and motorized shades can reduce your annual utility costs by as much as 40 percent.

Avoid unnecessary waste by having lights automatically turn on and off according to your office hours. Use motion sensors to turn off fixtures in unused rooms automatically. Through your commercial lighting control system, dim fixtures to exactly the intensity needed. According to Lutron, replacing switches with dimmers results in 4-9% reduction in energy use.

Your HVAC is another significant energy drain if it’s not appropriately managed. Motorized shades lend a helping hand by insulating your space. In the winter, they keep warm air from leaking out while in the summer they block the sun's heat gain from driving up your AC costs. Shades also help you harvest natural light, so you’re not relying on artificial light when it’s not needed.

Not only that, but you can review real-time data on your energy usage to see how these measures are affecting your business and you can then plan accordingly. Smart lighting solutions also help you gain LEED credits when it comes to Energy & Atmosphere and Indoor Environmental Quality.

Create a Safer Work Environment

Have outdoor lights turn on automatically when the sun sets to avoid any dangerous unlit areas in your perimeter. In winter, it’s particularly important to integrate motion sensors that illuminate your walkways, so employees feel safe when they walk to their cars at the end of the day.

In case of a security breach, lights flood the area to scare off intruders and help you get better images out of your security cameras. Direct motorized shades to close automatically after hours to protect your employee’s privacy and deter thieves. 

Enhance Employee Comfort and Productivity

A goal of any building automation system is comfort. A Cornell University study shows that proper lighting can result in an up to 3-5% increase in productivity. That’s because inappropriate lighting causes eye strain and headaches.

With intuitive control of lights from dedicated touchpads, mobile apps, or laptops, it’s easy for employees to find the ideal setting for any task. For example, a video conference may benefit from lower lighting than a team brainstorming session would. You can program parameters for the range of functions or events that take place in your office.

The primary way shades boost morale is by exposing employees to sunlight. The Journal of Sleep Disorders Research showed natural light could boost employee's quality of life by improving their sleep cycles. This will result not only in better morale and productivity but also fewer illnesses and absences.

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