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Articles tagged with: Office Technology

3 Ways Lights & Shades Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line

Lighting Has an Immense Impact on Costs and Employee Morale

3 Ways Lights & Shades Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line

What technology is most vital to your company's success? You might say your particularly strong network connection or the trademarked software you use to run your day-to-day operations. Today, some may even consider cybersecurity measures to be the most important since any data leaks or viruses could halt your company’s production.

Often taken for granted but just as important are your building automation systems — the technology that controls lights, shades, temperature, security and more to make your days more manageable. Specifically, lights and shades have a massive impact on your company’s bottom line in a variety of ways. From enhancing your security to boosting employee morale, find out why they're one of the most vital technology solutions in your Troy, MI business. 

TAGS: Lighting Control | Motorized Window Shades | Office Technology

How to Transform Business Operations with Smart Technology

Boost Your Bottom Line with Intuitive Control of All of Your Technology

How to Transform Business Operations with Smart Technology

Most businesses use an array of technology solutions in their day-to-day functions that they attribute to general overhead. Budgets take the associated costs into account, and slight tweaks are made to save a few dollars, but little thought goes into them since they are an assumed cost. Essentials like lighting, shading, and the thermostat are usually included in these bulk costs.

For a long time, however, large industrial spaces have used building automation systems to streamline daily functions and reduce their bottom line when it comes to these costs. Tech advancements have now made it possible for an array of businesses throughout Detroit—big and small—to take advantage of this feature. Read on to find out what building automation does and the most significant benefits you can get from it.

TAGS: HVAC Control | Lighting Control | Office Technology