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Combine Home Automation and Tunable Lighting to Feel Better Than Ever

New technology adjusts to the rhythms of the day to promote wellness

Combine Home Automation and Tunable Lighting to Feel Better Than Ever

Your home is more than a building. It’s a place where you can escape the troubles of your day and relax with your family. The technology you use in your space should enhance feelings of comfort, relaxation, and composure. Thanks to recent advancements in lighting control, your system can now automatically mimic the natural circadian rhythms of the sun, so you feel better throughout your day. Find out how integrating tunable lighting with home automation can alleviate the complexities of your technology and promote wellness in your household.

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Home Automation Simplifies Lighting

Lighting control is nothing new. In fact, you’ve been enjoying it your entire life. Every time you flip a light switch or adjust a dimmer, you’re using one of the fundamental technology systems in your home. Smart technology can take your lighting control to the next level, by allowing hands-free adjustments to all of the fixtures in your home.

With the touch of a button, you can adjust all the lights in your property, or just the ones in specified zones. Create layered looks that highlight the best aspects of your rooms, save them, and return to them instantly. And rely on timers and sensors to control your lighting, so you don't have to lift a finger.

When you combine smart lighting with home automation, you can enjoy even more benefits. Integrate controls of your shades to minimize the impact of UV rays on your furnishings and health. Utilize sensors to adjust your thermostat when solar heat gain raises the temperature in a room. The shades will lower, the thermostat will alter, and the lights will brighten to the appropriate setting.

The result is a system that works to enhance your comfort so you can relax and feel better throughout your day.

Tunable Lighting Promotes Wellness

A recent development in the world of lighting control has changed the way our bodies interact with household light. By leveraging the concept of circadian rhythms, tunable lighting automatically adjusts the color temperature of each fixture. You'll feel better, enjoy more restful sleep, and remain active throughout the day.

Your body naturally reacts to sunlight. In the middle of the afternoon, you’re at your most active and ready to take on life's challenges. As the sun sets, you begin to relax and prepare for a restful night. But if you spend too much time indoors under artificial lights, you can unintentionally disrupt these circadian rhythms.

A tunable system replicates the way natural light changes throughout the day. It automatically changes color temperature, mimicking a blue sky during the daytime and a setting sun at night. But don't be fooled by the name; as the system adjusts, your light will remain white and bright so that it won't affect the look of your interior design.

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