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How Can You Keep Students Engaged in The Classroom?

Find Out How the Right Audiovisual Tools Can Make All the Difference

How Can You Keep Students Engaged in The Classroom?

Every teacher has struggled to find new ways to connect with their students. Whether it's basic reading in elementary school or abstract topics in graduate school, you’re always striving to make your subject matter more accessible. As technology has advanced in recent years, audiovisuals are having a significant impact in the classroom. There are a variety of commercial audio video solutions that make it easier to create engaging, interactive lesson plans that can enhance learning and retention. Read on to find out why audiovisuals are so essential and how to best incorporate them into the classrooms at your educational facility in the Troy, MI area.


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The Benefits of Audiovisual Aids

Experts have espoused the benefits of audiovisual learning for decades. Studies show that people are likely to remember only 10 percent of what they hear, but 80 percent of what they see and do. Static learning from a textbook isn’t enough. When teachers use audiovisuals to engage with students, they create more collaborative environments that help visual learners understand the class curriculum.

Research also shows some other interesting benefits of using visual aids. Many students have an easier time learning new languages and vocabulary. Direct experience through visual aids also enhances students’ critical thinking and retention. Research even shows that these AV tools can save time in preparing lessons, allowing more time for discussion and clarification of topics.

In a generation so used to multimedia content and advanced technology, it’s also important that students be introduced to both early on. Therefore, AV tools shouldn't be teacher-centric, but something used by them as well to enhance their technology skills while encouraging hands-on learning.


How to Enhance Your Class Audiovisuals

Even if you develop great audiovisuals, from presentations to interactive class projects, they will only be as useful as the technology behind them. You need to make sure everyone can see and hear them. For optimized learning, you can work with our team of professionals to get enterprise-grade speakers and displays in the classroom.

The speakers need to be evenly spread out to offer a smooth sound that won’t hinder class discussions. Every display should be large enough and placed strategically for every student to have a clear view of it. It should also include interactive whiteboard technology.

These whiteboards let teachers and students make annotations as needed during class. The teacher can then save that day’s lesson and send it to the students if they need reinforcement on a topic. You can even do a split screen with the lesson on one half of the screen and a guest lecturer video conferencing in on the other half.

Since so many of the benefits associated with audiovisuals have to do with collaboration, you need to have a very fluid commercial audio video solution in place. Work with AV technicians that offer intuitive control options, so it's easy for you and students to share content on the screen, raise and lower volume, and adjust contrast as needed for more comfortable viewing.


Do you want to learn more about how to get powerful audiovisuals into the classroom? Find out how our commercial AV solutions can help you create a more engaging, collaborative environment.

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