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How to Transform Business Operations with Smart Technology

Boost Your Bottom Line with Intuitive Control of All of Your Technology

How to Transform Business Operations with Smart Technology

Most businesses use an array of technology solutions in their day-to-day functions that they attribute to general overhead. Budgets take the associated costs into account, and slight tweaks are made to save a few dollars, but little thought goes into them since they are an assumed cost. Essentials like lighting, shading, and the thermostat are usually included in these bulk costs.

For a long time, however, large industrial spaces have used building automation systems to streamline daily functions and reduce their bottom line when it comes to these costs. Tech advancements have now made it possible for an array of businesses throughout Detroit—big and small—to take advantage of this feature. Read on to find out what building automation does and the most significant benefits you can get from it.


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What is Building Automation?

A building automation system brings together all of the low-voltage technology in the space: indoor and outdoor lighting, climate, access control, surveillance, and even audio and video. In the past, a building manager had a dedicated room to oversee this technology. But in recent years, building automation has advanced to offer intuitive control from dedicated touchpads or tablets that all employees can use. There are also smaller one-room options if only certain aspects of a business need this sort of streamlined control.

What Are Its Applications? 

The technology has evolved so much that building automation now has real applications in a variety of commercial settings. It is most popular in office environments, but can also be used in medical offices, restaurants, bars, retail stores, and gyms. If your property uses any of the technology we mentioned in the first section, you can use this system to streamline control.

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What Are the Biggest Benefits?

Now that you’ve gotten a primer on building automation, it's time to get to the most crucial question: how is this of use to me? There are a variety of benefits to intuitive, centralized control of all of your technology, some of which we’ve touched on already:

  • Streamline Operations: Do you want employees wasting time adjusting lights, temperature or shades instead of focusing on billable work? You can automate these features through schedules and sensors, so no one wastes valuable time opening and closing. For regular events, like office meetings, you can even save settings that you pull up at the press of a button to get the room ready.


  • Enhance Employee & Client Comfort: Employee morale can have a significant impact on your bottom line, so it’s important to give employees a comfortable and safe work environment. Sensors ensure outdoor areas are always adequately lit, thermostats adjust automatically to outside temperatures, and shades close when hit directly to avoid glare.

Those features will automatically create a better environment for both clients and customers. With centralized control, it's also easier to adjust to any complaints regarding volume or temperature so everyone has a great experience with your business.

  • Cut on Monthly Energy Bills: As shades close to avoid glare, they can also keep the space from heating up, significantly reducing HVAC costs. In the winter, shades can close at the coldest times of the day to insulate your space from the cold. When sunlight is available, shades can automatically open as lights dim, saving you money by not wasting energy on artificial lighting.


Want to learn more about how this intuitive technology solution can boost business profits? Reach out to one of our specialists by calling (248) 841-8500 or by filling out our online contact form.