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How to Reduce Your AV Clutter With These Tech Tips

Unite Your Décor and Entertainment Seamlessly with Multi-Room Audio

How to Reduce Your AV Clutter With These Tech Tips

Listening to music can completely transform your day whether it’s helping you relax after work or get hyped for your latest workout. Enjoying high-quality music throughout the house is usually a top priority for many of our clients for that very reason. Often, however, they’re reluctant to add the necessary AV components out of fear they’ll transform something else: their interior décor.

Very few people want to litter their homes with large black speakers, visible cables, and piles of remotes. Every household in Birmingham, MI struggles with this balance between style and function. Read this blog to explore one standard solution to this dilemma: a professional multi-room audio installation.

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Architectural Speakers

The speakers are, without a doubt, the most significant challenge when it comes to a streamlined home audio installation. How are you supposed to hide speakers without damaging the quality of the sound? Even placing them within cabinets or shelves will result in muddled, echoed sound.

For this reason, many high-performance audio manufacturers now offer architectural speakers that hide within walls and ceilings. In some cases, these stay entirely hidden from view while in others they display subtle grills painted to match their surroundings. 

Speakers are compact but powerful and designed to send sound in one particular direction (ideal for surround sound applications) or to a general area (suitable for background music). Housed within sturdy enclosures, they offer deep bass sounds without the risk of noise leaking into other rooms. 

Streamlined Installation

Once you've found the ideal set of speakers for your multi-room audio system, you'll need an AV expert to ensure a smooth installation. For one, they'll make sure speakers are safely and efficiently flush-mounted against the wall or ceiling, so it's almost impossible for your guests to spot them. They'll work during this time to direct the speakers at the right angles to get you optimal sound coverage.

Having architectural speakers is only the first step. Envision what you’d like to hear on them to find out which source components should be a part of your system. Stack these devices in a dedicated rack hidden away in an AV closet, so they're out of view and easy to maintain down the line. 

Everything then comes together through a hidden wiring foundation that connects your favorite source components to your speakers. And since you’ll be sharing these devices across the house, there’s no longer a need to have them in each room where they may be taking up vital space.

Centralized Control

As you add more home entertainment features, there’s usually one common drawback—more remotes. You end up with one for your speakers, your soundbar, your Fire TV and perhaps even your AV receiver. Don't worry; a multi-room audio system helps you avoid a mountain of remotes on your coffee table. 

One of the biggest perks of multi-room audio is being able to centralize control. Voice assistants, elegant key-pads, mobile apps, or dedicated touchpads let you choose music sources and broadcast them to specific speakers or the entire house.

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