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Manage Your Home Effortlessly with a Control4 System

Enjoy One-Touch Control of Your Home

Manage Your Home Effortlessly with a Control4 System

Daylight saving time (DST) occurs every November. The good news is an extra hour of sleep! The bad news for some is that sunsets and darkness arrive an hour earlier. 

Those with a smart home may wonder how this affects all the connected devices in your home. More good news: If a Control4 system controls your smart home, there’s no need to adjust for daylight savings time. For example, your lights turn on and off based on the system’s astronomical time clock, a timer that correlates with the rise and fall of the sun. 

Of course, a Control4 smart home offers much more than convenience during DST. Let’s explore some other ways it simplifies your lifestyle.

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The Basics of a Control4 System

While this may go back a little too far for many of you, there was a time when you had to get up from the couch and walk over to the TV to change the channel. And no, not when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. Now, fast forward to a Control4 smart home. 

You can watch your favorite Netflix series, tune in to your latest streaming playlist, turn up the heat, lower the shades, lock the doors, dim the lights, and speak to the person at the front door, all without moving from your comfy couch. Remarkable. The tools to control this incredible system include a designated, user-friendly touch screen, handheld remote, custom-engraved keypads, and an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Even more amazing? Your smart home can also do these things for you. A home automation system controls the many subsystems in your home, including lighting, smart shades, heating and cooling, whole-home audio and video, security, and more. It can control your pool and spa, making sure it’s heated when you return home, as well as motorized gates, garage doors, and irrigation systems. These systems communicate with each other and with the main controller.

A Customized Smart Home

In the hands of an experienced integrator, you can program your home to do almost anything. For example, we can customize a “Wake-Up” scene. For some, that may mean shades slowly rising at sunrise and lights gradually brightening. For others, it includes the smell of hot coffee, the morning news on in the kitchen, and the shades open and welcoming. 

A “Good Night” scene may involve the lights slowing dimming, doors locking, the alarm arming, and, for those with young children, a soft lullaby drifting through their home.

Of course, sometimes it’s the simple things that mean the most. A quick look at your Control4 touch screen or smartphone will tell you what lights are on, which windows are open, and which doors someone forgot to lock. One tap adjusts them all. 

At Tech Automation, we are committed to making our clients' lives easier and more enjoyable using today's latest technology. As a certified Control4 dealer, we’re excited to share the many possibilities. To learn more or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Tech Automation today.