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Smart Lighting Control Transforms Your Home And Your Lifestyle

Maximize Comfort and Well-Being While Adding Beauty To Your Home

Smart Lighting Control Transforms Your Home And Your Lifestyle

Lighting transforms your home by improving its look and your wellbeing. It creates ambience, sets the mood, brings balance to your circadian cycles, and keeps your property safe.

Traditional illumination designs often focus on the practical aspects of lighting your way in the dark. However, we see lighting as more than a simple standalone function; it should work in concert with your other system and your lifestyle.

Smart lighting control offers you a more personalized experience. A professionally installed system automatically transitions your lights through the day, providing you with just the right energy and focus. At the touch of a button, bring up the lights for dinner prep or add some pizzaz to the party, indoors or out.

Are you ready to bring your Oakland County, MI home to life with better lighting? Continue reading below to learn more!

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Personalized Ambiance

When you walk into a room, what is the first thing you notice? Do you see the decor and furnishing? Is it the artwork or the architectural lines? Whether you are conscious of it or not, lighting dominates your impression of a space. Standard illumination is often cold in color, with the inability to transition hues leaving a space uninviting and uncomfortable.

Having the power to personalize allows you to guide your day as you need. Strike the right balance between natural sunlight and accenting electric luminaries, fading the line between indoors and outside. In the same way that multiroom music with different tempos keeps you moving in an even-keeled way, tunable lighting keeps you happy and focused.

Stylish Integration

Smart lighting gives you more than one option for control. Whether you use the mobile app, the sound of your voice, or stylish keypads and wall plates, advanced interfaces create better aesthetics. Gone are the unsightly banks of switches and dimmers; the ‘wall acne’ is replaced with seamless surfaces.

Your home comprises more than one system; lighting is one part of an interconnected ecosystem. All of your daily activities are supplemented by light, from the automated changes based on your actions or manually initiated.

As you start a movie in your home theater by hitting play, the lights dim, the thermostat is set to the perfect temperature. If your security sensors are triggered, the lights are turned on inside, and outdoor floods ignite. Manage your day with a soft glow in the morning that transitions to brighter intensity for the day and warm hues in the evening to set yourself for sleep. 

The Light of Your Life

Smart lighting brings benefits beyond only guiding your way in the dark. Are you looking for lighting control that changes with your needs and lifestyle? Reach out to us for a consultation by calling (248) 841-8500 or filling out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.