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Transform Your Home Into a More Comfortable Space with Smart Blinds

Add Lutron's automated blinds in your luxury home for added convenience

Transform Your Home Into a More Comfortable Space with Smart Blinds

Lutron is one of the leading brands for automated blinds and window treatment solutions for residential spaces. Lutron’s smart blinds can be controlled through keypads, dedicated touchpads, or even a mobile app. At the tap of a finger, you can lower or raise shades to meet any need or application. Read on to discover how Lutron's smart blinds can help make your home in Birmingham, MI, more comfortable and efficient. 

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Temperature Regulation

When it gets too hot outside, the scorching heat and sunlight entering your home can increase the temperature. As a result, your HVAC system uses up more energy to keep your home cool. But when you have Lutron's smart blinds and shades, you can close them with a single button press to reflect back the heat. This way you retain a cool home without increasing energy costs. You are also able to automate this change, having shades close automatically during the hottest part of the day.

UV Protection

It is a well-known fact that UV rays can harm your skin. But that's not all these rays can damage. Your home's furniture, upholstery, and even artwork can get damaged from constant sun exposure. Lutron's horizontal sheer blinds come with a sheer fabric that filters the light. Your home can still benefit from natural light while blocking the UV rays. It protects your furniture and artwork while still letting you enjoy the outside view. Even when the automated blinds are closed, you can get a beautiful outdoor view while your home's interior remains hidden. 

Improved Wellness

Did you know your body naturally responds to light? Natural sunlight improves the body's circadian rhythm, which helps you stay in good health. The blinds can be preset to open in the morning when it's time for you to get up. It allows you to wake up naturally to sunlight instead of a blaring alarm clock. With natural light entering your home throughout the day, you can feel more energized and focus better on tasks. 

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