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Screen Innovations: Motorized Shades for Your Ultimate All-Day Comfort

How Screen Innovations Creates a Pleasant Indoor Environment – from Morning to Night

Screen Innovations: Motorized Shades for Your Ultimate All-Day Comfort

As the summer sun heats up your home, you need an effective way to control the heat, manage natural light, and ensure privacy for your family. Are your current shades up to the task? They provide some level of control, but how easy are they to operate?

Motorized shades from Screen Innovations not only perform well and look beautiful, but they are smart. Tap a button, and you take command of all the shades in your Oakland County, MI, home without touching cords or rods. In this blog, we’ll show you how smart shades from Screen Innovations add beauty, comfort, and convenience to your life all day and all night.

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Ease into Your Morning

Morning time isn’t always a welcomed part of the day for some people. In fact, as the sun peaks over the horizon and the birds begin to sing, early morning may have the opposite effect on you: you want to keep sleeping! Fortunately, automated lighting and motorized shades can help you wake up in a pleasant way.

Once your smart shades are programmed to operate automatically in the morning, they lift silently when the time is right – letting the morning sun into your bedroom. Smart lights, smart shades, and your whole-home audio system can work together to create the “wake-up” experience you want. Isn’t that better than a blaring alarm clock?

Motorized Blinds Make Your Day

You probably don’t think about how often you adjust your shades throughout the day. It’s probably more than you realize. Just one blind could require several adjustments. Then, you have those hard-to-reach windows. Wouldn’t it be nice to control them remotely or let your shades think for themselves?

With Screen Innovations, controlling your shades is so convenient. As you prepare breakfast or lunch, watch a TV show, or manage heat and light control, all you need to do is tap a button to adjust your motorized shades – all of them at once! Or lower the shades with your smart home tablet or smartphone app. It’s easy and luxurious!

Nighttime Privacy with Motorized Shades

Looking out on your lawn is enjoyable to do during the morning and afternoon. But in the evening, you need home security and privacy. Screen Innovations offers a Duo shade model that gives you two options. The model is two shades in one. The inner shade facing your room is a thicker room-darkening fabric. While the outer fabric facing the windows is sheer and light-filtering.

So, as the sun begins to set, lower the light-filtering portion of the shade to maintain privacy while still enjoying the warm colors of the setting sun. When it’s time for home entertainment, press a button to lower the room-darkening (or blackout) portion of the shades in your home theater. Then you can create a cinematic experience that everyone will enjoy.

Elevate your smart home experience with motorized shades from Screen Innovations. Find out more by calling Tech Automation at (248) 841-8500 or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.