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The Latest Technology Enables Hands-Free Lighting Control

Integrated Lighting Control and Home Automation Creates Unprecedented Ease of Living

The Latest Technology Enables Hands-Free Lighting Control

Home automation is taking the world by storm for a good reason. Imagine waking up to the sun filtering through already drawn blinds, coffee or tea made, and your favorite newscaster reporting the weather when you walk into the kitchen.

Some of the most remarkable innovations, and the most popular, are occurring in the lighting control space. Automated lighting transforms rooms, outdoor living areas, gardens, and more. It lights a trail when you arrive home and turns out the lights when it’s time for bed.

Let’s look at what a lighting control system can do for you and your Birmingham, MI home.

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We use several types of sensors in home automation. For example, motion sensors may illuminate a soft trail of lights when you walk in the night from your bedroom to the kitchen or bathroom. When you gather with friends in the backyard, motion activates backyard pathway lights, offering both beauty and safety.

Occupancy sensors detect when someone enters or leaves a room and turn on and off the lights accordingly. Photosensors can see ambient light. As natural daylight fills a room and then fades, your electric lights will automatically adjust to the level of light needed.


Geofencing uses radio frequency identification or GPS to create a virtual geographic boundary. Using this technology, we can set perimeters and program your lighting system to turn on the landscape, entrance, and kitchen lights when you’re a block away. When combined with a home automation system, we can also program your favorite end-of-the-day playlist to turn on and set the temperature so that your house begins warming up in anticipation of welcoming you home.

Geofencing can also enhance your security, locking the doors and windows and arming the alarm when you leave.

Customized Keypads

At Tech Automation, we partner with industry-leading brands in home automation. Two of these are Lutron and Control4. In fact, we’re the area’s premier Control4 dealer. While Control4 is the leading home automation company, they are not one to sit on their laurels. The end of 2021 saw them introducing their Contemporary Lighting keypad.

These custom engraved keypads include ambient color sensors that adjust the LED backlight indicators, telling you what lights are on, which doors are locked and even the status of your garage door. The keypads come in 10 finishes to blend in and highlight any home’s aesthetics.

We’ll program the keypad with select buttons designed with your lifestyle in mind. Do you want your home to take over when it’s the end of the day? One touch on your keypad and all the lights turn off, the doors lock, the window shades lower, TVs and music shut off, the temperature adjusts, and soft melodic music starts playing in your bedroom.

And, of course, sometimes it's just the simple things that make a difference in life. Our clients are thrilled when one button turns off all the lights in the house. Simple, yet so convenient.

At Tech Automation, our goal is to provide our clients with the latest easy-to-use technology that enhances their daily lives. To learn more about smart lighting control or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Tech Automation today.