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How a Conference Room Setup Helps Your Small Business ‘Lean Up’

Enjoy Startup Success with Smart Automation

How a Conference Room Setup Helps Your Small Business ‘Lean Up’

In a recent Forbes article, Lean Up: Bootstrapping Startup Scaling And Success, Tipaiti CEO Chen Amit discusses what it takes to succeed as a startup in the business world. He writes about the necessity of staying lean as you scale. That means keeping your staff small, never taking on too much funding, and using technology to “automate and streamline the boring stuff.” On that last point, Tech Automation can help. In this blog, we’ll show you how a conference room setup can streamline day to day operations in your Oakland County, MI, startup. Ready to learn more? Keep reading. 

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How to Get Improved Audio Quality in Your Video Conferences

3 Video Conferencing Equipment Tips for your Michigan Office

How to Get Improved Audio Quality in Your Video Conferences

Ensuring you have high-quality audio needs to be one of the main priorities of your conference room design. Even if you have a great message and stunning visuals, lousy sound can often hamper first impressions and collaboration. No one piece of video conferencing equipment impacts quality more than your microphones—the first link in your audio chain.

Do they offer accurate and clear speech reproduction? Are they prone to interference that can quickly affect intelligibility? Location, microphone models, and even how they connect to your boardroom will impact your audio quality. Let us guide you through the process by answering some common questions our clients throughout Oakland County, MI bring up in their conference room installations.

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How to Unlock Your Display’s Collaboration Potential

Interactive Screens Bring a New Dynamic to Your Meetings

How to Unlock Your Display’s Collaboration Potential

When purchasing video conferencing equipment for your Birmingham office, the display is probably one of the first things you’re going to choose. Finding the right one should come down to more than size and video resolution. As the central point of many of your meetings, it's important to make sure your screens engage the entire audience to better share information and ideas. In this blog, we highlight some cool display technology you should consider for your boardroom.

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