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How Building Automation Helps You Secure Your Company

Smart Technology Helps You Protect Your Employees and Property

How Building Automation Helps You Secure Your Company

One of the main reasons clients invest in building automation systems is to create a safer environment for tenants and employees. Features like automated lighting, smart locks, surveillance cameras and more offer a simple way to boost security throughout your property. These technology systems all work together to create an integrated solution to protect you from external threats more efficiently. Here we highlight some ways automation protects your Birmingham, MI property to create a safer work environment for employees.

TAGS: Business Security | Commercial Lighting Control | Commercial Security

Are You Guilty of These Common Conference Room Missteps?

Resolve Them with the Right Conference Room Technology and Design

Are You Guilty of These Common Conference Room Missteps?

Do you often have participants fighting over HDMI jacks or for a better view of the screen? Maybe a presenter goes up to the front and fumbles with the room tablet for ten minutes before even getting started with the meeting. Rein in your next meeting by making sure your technology is there as an ally, not an impediment to communication. Below we outline some common issues we encounter when it comes to conference room technology and the best way to resolve them in your Detroit, MI office.  

TAGS: Conference Room Design | Conference Room Display | Lighting Control

How to Choose the Right Audio System for Your Home

4 Questions to Ask When Adding a Multi-Room Audio Solution

How to Choose the Right Audio System for Your Home

Bringing any new technology into your Oakland County, MI home can be stressful. Products sometimes don't sound or look as good as they did at the store. Often, they're not as easy to use as advertised. In a lot of cases, though, products work fine, but you realize a few days in that they're just not the right fit. 

Before making any purchase, it's important to know exactly what you want to get out of it. Especially when it comes to multi-room audio which you can use in so many ways. It's essential you find something that offers exactly what you need.

Since most people enjoy music in completely different ways, you shouldn’t settle for a generic option. Creating the perfect custom solution for your space starts with asking the right questions. As you read this blog, try to answer these common questions for yourself.

TAGS: home stereo system | loudspeakers | whole house music

The Ultimate All-in-One App for Your Smart Home

Explore the Top Features of the Control4 App

The Ultimate All-in-One App for Your Smart Home

Smart homes are all about creating a more comfortable and efficient relationship between you and your technology. Every new device you add should be easy to use and work well with all your other devices. That is why we recommend going with a Control4 home automation solution that not only places all your technology in one easy-to-use environment but also offers a variety of control options.

Having the ability to control your speakers, lights, thermostat and more from mobile apps is one of the biggest allures of smart technology. But not too many people want to have to use dozens of apps to get through the day. Luckily, Control4 solves that problem by letting you manage all of your home technology from one single app. 

TAGS: intercom anywhere | smart home app | smart home control