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How Can Technology Help You Reach Your Congregation?

The Right Audio Visuals Can Help You Get Your Message Across

How Can Technology Help You Reach Your Congregation?

You don't want to be met with silence, snoozing, or spiritless stares from your congregation. But Sunday mornings can be a tough time to get your message across and your audience engaged. Even the most powerful of sermons can benefit from a little help through commercial audio video solutions. Audiovisuals are also a great way to establish your church’s unique identity.

There are over 300,000 churches in the United States, so it's important to find a way to make yours stand out. Whether you're reaching out to a congregation of 50 or 5,000 in your Birmingham, MI church, technology is a great way to share your faith. Below we outline some must-have AV features and the best way to use them within a church setting.

TAGS: church audio video | church sound system | Presentation Technology

How to Get Improved Audio Quality in Your Video Conferences

3 Video Conferencing Equipment Tips for your Michigan Office

How to Get Improved Audio Quality in Your Video Conferences

Ensuring you have high-quality audio needs to be one of the main priorities of your conference room design. Even if you have a great message and stunning visuals, lousy sound can often hamper first impressions and collaboration. No one piece of video conferencing equipment impacts quality more than your microphones—the first link in your audio chain.

Do they offer accurate and clear speech reproduction? Are they prone to interference that can quickly affect intelligibility? Location, microphone models, and even how they connect to your boardroom will impact your audio quality. Let us guide you through the process by answering some common questions our clients throughout Oakland County, MI bring up in their conference room installations.

TAGS: boardroom technology | Conference Room Technology | video conferencing microphones

Are You Enjoying True 4K Quality in Your Home Theater?

It’s Not Enough to Buy the Latest TV From Your Local Retail Store

Are You Enjoying True 4K Quality in Your Home Theater?

Having trouble getting the best quality out of your brand new 4K Ultra HD television? You bought a new TV, but it looks nowhere near as good as it did at the store. A common issue is brightness. Every TV at your local retail store has its settings at maximum brightness, so they stand out in a busy store. That effect will not translate well into a residential environment, with images looking unnaturally sharp.

When it comes to the latest Ultra HD televisions, though, there are other problems to consider. In many cases, your home theater system is just not optimized to get 4K signals to your display. Read to find out some of the steps you can take to make sure you're getting dynamic, crystal-clear images any time you sit down to watch a game, TV or movie in your Detroit, MI home.

TAGS: 4K Video Resolution | Sony 4K Projector | Surround Sound

How to Reduce Your AV Clutter With These Tech Tips

Unite Your Décor and Entertainment Seamlessly with Multi-Room Audio

How to Reduce Your AV Clutter With These Tech Tips

Listening to music can completely transform your day whether it’s helping you relax after work or get hyped for your latest workout. Enjoying high-quality music throughout the house is usually a top priority for many of our clients for that very reason. Often, however, they’re reluctant to add the necessary AV components out of fear they’ll transform something else: their interior décor.

Very few people want to litter their homes with large black speakers, visible cables, and piles of remotes. Every household in Birmingham, MI struggles with this balance between style and function. Read this blog to explore one standard solution to this dilemma: a professional multi-room audio installation.

TAGS: Architectural Speakers | Background Music | Interior Design