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The Sleek and Superb Power of Sonance Speakers

Take Control of the Music throughout Your Home with Audio-Video Installation

The Sleek and Superb Power of Sonance Speakers

If you’re like most people, you enjoy listening to music on the go – in your car, with your earbuds as you exercise, or through your TV speakers while spending time at home. Music adds enjoyment to our lives by connecting with us in a personal way or reviving our souls when we need a pick-me-up. However, there’s a better way to enjoy your favorite songs.

By providing audio-video installation, Tech Automation can help you appreciate the thrill of a premium speaker system throughout your entire home in Detroit, MI. Anywhere you go, a superb music experience awaits! Keep reading to see how Sonance speakers in your rooms, home theater, and outdoor entertainment space make life more melodious.

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Make Your Home The Best Seat In The House With A Custom Home Theater

Enjoy Movies In The Way They Were Intended, As A Cinematic Experience

Make Your Home The Best Seat In The House With A Custom Home Theater

Movies have been a central art form for over 120 years; their influence and impact on all other media cannot be understated. The medium has the power to make us laugh, cry streaming tears, and cheer with gusto - often all at the same moment.

Filmmakers and cinematographers create movies with the intention that they are to be shown in a theatrical setting. A custom home theater recreates the excitement and unique environment of your local multiplex right in our house. A well-crafted private cinema is precisely constructed to equal and, in many cases, surpass the quality of commercial theaters.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities of a home theater in your Detroit, MI smart home?  Read below to learn more.

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A Few Ways to Enjoy Outdoor Audio This Summer

A Few Ways to Enjoy Outdoor Audio This Summer

As you have probably noticed, it’s beautiful outside right now in the Oakland County, MI, area, with temperatures hovering in the mid-70s and mostly sunny skies. After a long day of work, you just want to sit outside to soak in some sunshine. But after a few minutes of watching your children and dogs play or looking at your phone, you might get bored. We can’t think of a better way to liven up the scene than with outdoor audio.

Sonance was one of the first innovators to enter the outdoor audio scene and continues to provide some of the best products available today. In this blog, we’ll talk about creative ways to implement outdoor sound and why we recommend Sonance for the sonic experience that you crave.

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