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Elevate Customer Experience with Motorized Shades

Enhance comfort with smart shading solutions

Elevate Customer Experience with Motorized Shades

If you're in Detroit, MI, you know how hard it is to run a restaurant. A good menu can draw customers in, but can it keep them after that? A comfortable environment in your dining room is essential to retention, and patrons will appreciate your establishment if they're not sweating or squinting from glaring sunlight. Motorized shades from Screen Innovations manage comfort and light in your business while reducing energy costs. Want to learn more? Keep reading.

TAGS: Commercial Automation | Smart Lighting

Remote Work Is Easy When You Upgrade Your Video Conferencing System

Crestron Streamlines Your Meetings

Remote Work Is Easy When You Upgrade Your Video Conferencing System

Meetings can be complicated and frustrating. You have to impact your team with information successfully, and that usually involves wrangling sophisticated technology. That's why Crestron simplifies meetings with one-touch, integrated automation. And their latest line of products, Crestron Flex, comes equipped to help improve video conferencing. So, whether you're in the boardroom in Birmingham, MI, or stuck in the home office, you can still collaborate to get the job done. How will Crestron transform your workday? Find out here.

TAGS: Commercial Automation | Crestron | Home Office

3 Features Only The Best Building Control Systems Have

Don’t Miss Out on Critical Management, Security and Networking Tools in Your Office!

3 Features Only The Best Building Control Systems Have

You might think your building control system does it all. It protects your employees while performing basic automation tasks, right? Maybe it manages your lighting and shades, plays your office audio and video, heats and cools each room and more. Is that enough?

Ask yourself this: Is your system able to keep up with today’s demands? Maybe you previously had a smaller staff that all worked a 9-to-5 shift, and now you have 100+ employees operating around the clock.

Or perhaps you acquired a remote team and had to upgrade your video conferencing to suit them. Owning a growing business means that your technology demands should change fast. Want to future-proof your Birmingham, MI, office with Tech Automation’s help? Learn which features you need now.

TAGS: Building Automation System | Commercial Automation | Conference Room Setup