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Beautify Your Home with Coastal Source Landscape Lighting

Learn How Smart Outdoor Lighting Adds Appeal to Your Property

Beautify Your Home with Coastal Source Landscape Lighting

When you want to bring curb appeal to your home, the first thoughts that come to mind are usually landscaping, a new roof, or a new house paint color. You probably don’t consider landscape lighting. And yet, outdoor lights dramatically enhance the beauty of your lawn, making it a stunning spectacle as the day turns to evening.

At the same time, a well-designed landscape lighting system integrated with your smart home gives you complete command of all the lights throughout your property in Birmingham, MI. Keep reading to learn how outdoor lighting from Coastal Source effectively enhances your outdoor space.

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Highlight Your Home with Coastal Source

Since you have a lovely lawn and a beautiful home, why not brag about it when the sun goes down? Let Coastal Source lights put your home in the best light possible during the evening. For instance, bullet lights and wall-wash lights highlight your home’s architecture, trees, and other design elements. Other techniques, such as shadowing and silhouette lighting, create a three-dimensional appearance that adds drama and ambiance to your property.

By installing hardscape lighting, you can feature fountains, retaining walls, and stone statues for added effect. You’ll love to see your home in the evening with Coastal Source. Also, landscape lighting, when paired with a smart security system, automatically turns on or even flashes if an intruder enters your property.

Light the Way with Step and Pathway Lights

In addition to enhancing the beauty of your yard, outdoor lighting guarantees you’re on sure footing wherever you step. Pathway and step lighting provide elegant illumination to brighten hard surfaces, making sure you have a safe property for family, friends, and guests. The light also spreads out from each source a short distance to give your lawn unmistakable intrigue.

Available in various sizes and finishes, Coastal Source’s products can be customized to complement your design preference. Like all the company’s products, these lights are beautifully designed, weather-proof, and high performing. You can also control the lights and the entire system with your smart home tablet.

Give Your Lawn Personality with Hanging Lights

Trees, pergolas, gazebos, and porches can be ideal places to hang lights. Hanging lights cast an inviting glow in your outdoor entertainment areas. These elegant fixtures create the mood you want while your guests socialize, you spend quiet evenings with loved ones, or you take time to unwind in silence by yourself. They radiate a warm and welcoming atmosphere while conveying a sleek and stylish look that goes far beyond a typical landscape lighting fixture. Add an outdoor AV system, and you’ll enjoy the ultimate in backyard relaxation and entertainment.

Be Discreet with Niche Lights

Not all lights need to make a big statement. In fact, niche lighting adds character to your home without drawing attention to itself. Coastal Source’s niche lights are micro-size lights that are designed to fit in places where bright lighting would be too intrusive. They are ideal in garden areas, among stone landscaping, and in places where a subtle glow is desired.


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