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Ding, Dong, Dash! Superior Security with IC Realtime

Update Your Surveillance System with IC Realtime’s Dash Product Line

Ding, Dong, Dash! Superior Security with IC Realtime

Fall is just around the corner. Are you ready for trick-or-treaters, holiday guests, and . . . burglars!? Two groups are welcome in your home; the other is not! Fortunately, you can ensure a safe and happy home with IC Realtime. The company’s surveillance system products are powered by advanced technologies to create a home environment that is always secure. 

From the pool deck and patio to the front porch and interior rooms, every space through your home will be perfectly monitored and protected from intruders. Both the Dash camera products and the Dinger doorbell from IC Realtime help you achieve this. Keep reading to see why you need IC Realtime products in your Detroit, MI, home. 

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IC Realtime Provides Real Protection in Real Time!

Older security cameras did little more than record an event. If a burglar entered your home, they’d capture the scene, so you could view it later. The problem is they didn’t alert you to the event when it was happening. If an intruder invaded your home, you’d only find out about it after the fact. 

Today’s surveillance systems are smarter – much smarter! IC Realtime cameras are powered by AI (artificial intelligence) and include futuristic features like face and object recognition, full-color nighttime video, HD imaging, and even thermal imaging. Best of all, they notify you immediately if unusual activity occurs on your property. So, you can respond in real time. 


The Dash Product Line

IC Realtime has a wide range of cameras, recorders, and accessories that help you create a robust home security system. In this blog, we’ll focus on their most recent product: the Dash system. Not only does the system come with the Dash app that lets you access the cameras and security footage from your phone, but it can be fully integrated into your smart home system. Here are a few products from the Dash line.


Who’s at the Door? 

Don’t want to get up from your seat? Just check the Dinger video doorbell feed. Whether you’re reclining in your home theater, cooking in the kitchen, or working at the office, you can easily answer the door and see who it is by looking at your tablet or smartphone. The Dash Dinger offers HD video, a wide field of view, and infrared night-vision. It also lets you stream video to your home recorder or a remote location. Want to talk with your visitor or warn an intruder? Do it through a two-way communication system. 


Cast Light on the Intruder 

Most burglars try to enter your home at night. That’s when no one is watching, and it’s easy for them to hide in darkness. The Flooder is an exterior camera that records live footage, and it protects your home with a floodlight and built-in siren. The high-definition camera allows playback from any mobile device or smart home automation system. When the cameras detect motion, bright LED floodlights turn on to record any movement in living color. If that’s not enough, then set up the cameras to play a loud siren (110dB) to scare away intruders. 


Monitor the Rooms in Your Home

Indoor security is just as important as outdoor security. After all, you want to make sure your family members are safe in the evening and during the day (especially if you have children). The Orbit is a versatile camera that is ideal for hidden indoor security. It offers 360-degree viewing of your room. Mount it on the ceiling, wall, or any other surface. Also, the camera follows motion. So, you’ll always have the perfect angle of activity in the room. Nothing gets past this camera! 


Would you like to learn more about IC Realtime’s Dash surveillance system? Call Tech Automation, chat with us below, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.