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Do You Need to Upgrade Your Conference Room Technology?

Address Your Company’s Primary Pain Points With These Solutions

Do You Need to Upgrade Your Conference Room Technology?

Your conference room should hold a special place in your office. It’s where senior management defines the business’ future, where big ideas come to life, and where their execution develops. Creating a collaborative environment in these spaces is essential. You shouldn't settle for email chains or boring, monotonous meetings.

Instead, you can create an interactive working environment where everyone is engaged and contributing to the discussion. The question is: is your conference room technology prepared to do this? In this blog, we're going to cover three common problems that companies experience and showcase some technology solutions that can help you get more out of your Troy, MI space.

TAGS: Conference Room Audio | Conference Room Display | Presentation Technology

How to Transform Business Operations with Smart Technology

Boost Your Bottom Line with Intuitive Control of All of Your Technology

How to Transform Business Operations with Smart Technology

Most businesses use an array of technology solutions in their day-to-day functions that they attribute to general overhead. Budgets take the associated costs into account, and slight tweaks are made to save a few dollars, but little thought goes into them since they are an assumed cost. Essentials like lighting, shading, and the thermostat are usually included in these bulk costs.

For a long time, however, large industrial spaces have used building automation systems to streamline daily functions and reduce their bottom line when it comes to these costs. Tech advancements have now made it possible for an array of businesses throughout Detroit—big and small—to take advantage of this feature. Read on to find out what building automation does and the most significant benefits you can get from it.

TAGS: HVAC Control | Lighting Control | Office Technology

Do You Need A Lighting Control System?

See the Possibilities with Smart Lighting and Control

Do You Need A Lighting Control System?

You may have heard of lighting control systems, but you’re not exactly sure what they do for you.

You might want to know if it’s something that requires a huge upfront investment, or something that you can build on over time. 

The good news is that lighting control systems may require some upfront investment in wiring to make the absolute most out of them.  However, you can automate your outdoor lights, one room, several rooms, or the whole house – it’s up to you. 

Why install home lighting control in your Birmingham home?  It will make your life in Michigan a little more convenient, safer, luxurious, and thrifty. Read on to find out how.

TAGS: Control4 | Home Lighting Control | Lighting Control System | Lutron | Smart Lighting

Interested in Simplifying Your Home? Control4 Home Automation is Here.

Use Control4 to Manage Your Michigan Home’s Technology

Interested in Simplifying Your Home? Control4 Home Automation is Here.

These days there’s a lot of talk about smart appliances, smart lights, smart cars, and smart homes.  There are many smart and semi-smart devices in the market, each with their own mobile app to control them. 

Just as you might be frustrated with the jumble of remotes – and apps - for your TV, stereo, and streaming device, the same can happen with managing all your home’s systems – lighting, climate control, entertainment, and more. 

That’s where a true home automation solution comes in. Control4 has automation solutions to orchestrate it all beautifully, from one room to your whole house. Just read on to learn more. 

TAGS: Home Automation System | Smart Home | Whole Home