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Make The Most Of Your Backyard With Outdoor Entertainment Technology

Extend Entertainment To the Outdoors: Video And Audio That Rivals What You Experience Inside

Make The Most Of Your Backyard With Outdoor Entertainment Technology

Entertaining in your backyard is one of the great pleasures of homeownership. The ability to expand your living space beyond the walls of your house gives you a feeling of freedom and space. There is no reason why you cannot bring the luxury and convenience of your smart home with you in the warmer months.

You enjoy stunning 4K video in your media room, awe-inspiring whole-home audio, and personalized lighting in your home. Adding these features to your outdoor entertainment brings your family functions and game-day get-togethers to a new level. Whether you are cooking your famous barbecue or relaxing in the jacuzzi, make the most of the moment.

Are you ready to make your Birmingham, MI backyard the favorite room of your house? Read more below to find out the possibilities.

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The Backyard Media Room

Watching a movie under the stars with the family or gathering the gang to watch the game by the deck bar makes for a better experience. The conversations are more engaging, the food tastes better, and the drinks more satisfying. Getting video outdoors is more than moving the TV outside. Our professional installation of all-weather gear gives you years of enjoyment that exceeds your expectations. You expect the best from your home theater projector; why not your outdoor spaces?

Placing a television in the elements provides several challenges, from bright sun washing out the image to the effects of rain, wind, snow, and humidity. We offer video monitors that generate images that are several times brighter than your standard high-definition TVs. The housing and screens are built to resist fading and prevent the intrusion of water, humidity, and pests. Regardless of your outdoor space’s environment or size, there is a TV to fit your needs.

Sound For Your Surroundings

It is a truism that better sound makes any entertainment better. Outdoor speakers liven up your backyard with units that can endure year-round exposure without sacrificing quality audio. There is a model that can fit anywhere you need it. Have the speakers blend into the landscaping, express a little whimsy, or fit under the eaves of the gazebo. 

Sound acts a little different outdoors; getting an even dispersion across the larger and open space requires knowledgeable design and calibration. Thankfully our expert team works with you to ensure that the music you play to livening up the party is heard clearly by all without distortion or excessive volume. Hear your content with the same detail as you do with your multiroom system inside.

Illuminate More Than Interiors

Lights not only guide our way in the dark, but they can also create ambiance and make a space inviting. The ability to personalize your space furnishes you with the ultimate comfort as you set the mood with the colors and intensity that suit you. 

Outdoor illumination adds that perfect touch to highlight the yard for dining, extending the hours of pool use, or just the right light for soaking in the spa. Dim the lights around you as the movie starts or more fully enjoy the stars above you. 

Are you looking to make the most of your yard with outdoor entertainment that will have you avoiding the indoors? Reach out to us for a consultation by calling (248) 841-8500 or filling out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.