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What’s New to Control4 Home Automation? We’ll Explore the Latest Updates!

See What Smart Home OS 3 and Neeo Remotes Have to Offer Oakland County Clients

What’s New to Control4 Home Automation? We’ll Explore the Latest Updates!

If you’ve worked with Tech Automation before, you know that Control4 is our choice home automation brand for our valued Oakland County, Michigan, clients. We insist on one of the most cutting-edge solutions that we can trust to anticipate customer needs and stay ahead of technology trends, qualities we’ve seen in Control4’s vast product line that covers nearly every integrated home product imaginable. Automation touches almost every aspect of your home, which makes what we’re sharing today feel even more exciting.

2019 proved an excellent year for Control4, especially considering their release of two groundbreaking products, both focused on superior user experience. Are you ready? Keep reading to see what these upgrades are and how they can benefit homeowners like you!

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Introducing Control4’s Smart Home OS 3

Earlier this year, we saw the release of Control4’s Smart Home OS 3, which surpassed all of Control4’s previous iterations to provide a state-of-the-art integrated home experience. Whether you have a fully decked out home or one dedicated listening room, Smart Home OS 3 promises scalable control that we can keep customizing as your needs change.

OS 3 organizes hundreds of connected devices (including third-party tools) into one intuitive user interface. Its new “Favorites” feature, which brings your chosen rooms or tools to your screen’s forefront, shows homeowners the most relevant data first. You can also check the status of every lighting fixture and security device in seconds, no screen tapping required.

Its media features have garnered rave reviews from movie and music buffs. Audiophiles can now manage room audio through OS 3’s Active Media bar, tap once and see every song playing in the house through the Sessions bar. Further, you can stop or start music, skip or favorite songs, control volume and stream MQA-encoded tunes. Enjoy similar controls for video to pause or play movies, or sift through supported providers like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and more in seconds.


Finding Neeo

As home automation experts, you know that we’ve seen more than our share of smart home remotes, but Neeo feels different. The remote combines everything you love about a smart phone’s simplistic controls with a complexity that can handle the full OS 3 experience. Remember the OS 3 actions we mentioned above? Neeo lets you see every music and TV source that’s playing and access your “Favorites” from its touchscreen; it also features tactile remote buttons that feel so intuitive that you don’t have to look down at the device to perform standard functions.

A Control4 blog article describes it this way: “Neeo is the first handheld smart remote to be so highly refined and so well-engineered to ‘just work’ with a pro-installed smart home. It was meticulously engineered for fast access to the things you use most—like your frequently watched channels, favorite streaming services, or your top playlists—while also providing quick control of your lights, locks, and everything else throughout your house from that same device.”

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